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Ficha técnica

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I'm a family physician. I think American healthcare costs too much, and I think physicians are part of the problem. I wrote this book because I'm worried about America's future. American businesses have become more efficient over the last 10 years, but their employees can't feel it. Workers are more productive, but the fruit of their labors is missing from their paychecks because it's being sucked into the healthcare system. As well, U.S. businesses face a competitive disadvantage because they pay so much more for healthcare than companies in other countries. I'm not talking just about China, either. I'm talking about developed countries such as Australia and Sweden. I want a future that allows America to continue to make things and sell them to other countries. I want a future in which our children or grandchildren don't pay for the excesses of this generation, and unless we change course now, they'll drown in an ocean of federal government debt. America's healthcare system is a significant contributor to this debt, and new approaches must be implemented to prevent imminent disaster. During the health reform debates of 2009-­??2010, several commentators talked about bending the healthcare cost curve at some ill-­??defined point in the future. The cost curve doesn't need to be bent; it must be snapped off and reattached at a lower level. The root causes of expensive American healthcare have not been addressed. I will expose the core issues of the crisis that the special interests don't talk about. Ultimately, my proposed solutions are about choices. I fundamentally believe America is great because it respects the integrity and intelligence of her citizens and allows them to make the best decisions for their families. I want you to have choices that currently don't exist. Thank you spending your valuable time to see the healthcare system from a different perspective.