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Misapplied and poorly managed entitlement programs have destroyed our cities and rendered affordable housing unsafe. For peace of mind and to escape the crime and decay caused by these programs many have fled to more expensive neighborhoods or into the suburbs where they assume rents or mortgages that strain the limits of their budgets. Such is the plight of the American Middle. We are hardworking, self-reliant and prepared to stand our ground?on our own two feet! We are not part of the extreme political left or right. We are simply straight up Americans, the backbone of this nation and the majority of the voting population. We still fly the flag and we know to cross our hearts when the National Anthem is played. We do not have time to ponder international affairs or other matters that don't affect our daily lives. It's all that we can do to keep up with the domestic problems that are constantly created by those in Washington D.C. The current tax system is a mess; it should not take the use of accountants and attorneys to pay Uncle Sam his due. Only our spending should be taxed, not our earnings and savings. The less we spend, the less we pay and only necessities such as groceries should be exempt. Herman Cain's 9-9-9 plan sounds pretty good to most of us?it's simplistic and fair to all? ?Governing America is a nightmare and more than any one person or body of 535 can understand let alone us. Therefore we try to send only the best to represent us. We depend on you to ensure that the taxes collected through our sweat and blood is used in a proper and judicious manner. Yet you spend it so liberally. In the most trying financial period in almost a century, it is the voice of everyday Americans?not elected officials, not corporate CEOs, not powerful lobbying groups?that can change the current system. For Andrew Miles and many citizens like him, the time to raise that voice for change is now.