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Ficha técnica

3,56 €

The action begins in New York City with Peter Moldavyanni honing an exit strategy from his identity as "Marty Rosenblatt," a personal assistant and lover to high-profile lawyer/philanthropist Hiram Feinstein. Peter has no sooner completed the illegal transfer of $440,000 of Hiram's funds to secret offshore accounts when Hiram returns from London. He discovers the shocking fact that Peter has charged thousands on a credit card in Hiram's name. Peter escapes to locate a new victim? Main character Justin Walters is a graphic designer/painter living in the artistic community of New Hope, Pennsylvania. A typical creative personality, Justin is easily influenced, financially naïve, and tends to go into denial in the face of impending trouble. A designer of corporate trade show graphics and painter of popular male nudes, he finds himself needing some help to pay the rent and other expenses. He advertises online for a roommate and Peter, using his new identity as "Russ Peterson," answers the ad. He tells Justin he is a magazine writer and broker for the sale of large coin collections. Russ quickly wins Justin's confidence. Justin's older lover Robert, a highly educated New York psychologist and TV producer, urges Justin to do a background check. Justin ignores the advice. One day, Justin goes into Russ's room to deliver a phone message from a guy named Whipper, and upon entering he discovers Russ with a huge amount of cash on his bed. Russ convinces Justin he has just sold a large coin collection and was paid in cash. He cons Justin into hiding the cash temporarily, but the arrangement continues for months. Justin is afraid to tell Robert, and also finds himself trying to resist Russ's physical advances. Although Robert suspects something is not quite right about Russ, when Russ offers to take care of both Justin's and Robert's cats while they're away on a gay cruise to Alaska, they accede to the idea and have keys to both residences made for Russ.