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Ficha técnica

4,45 €

Welcome to LAW SCHOOL. Better stay awake. Better pay attention. Seth Sentel is a nice guy. He's humble, tactile. Honest too. What's he doing in law school? Well, he doesn't know either. It's an Old South University town; it's 1985, the Reagan era. Times were good, but people could still be bad--just not Seth. And, he senses that something about his law school just ain't right. Something--other than him--feels out of place. Then, two students are murdered. Then two more--both good friends of Seth's--are shot in a hunting accident . . or are they? The local authorities have it all wrong: wrong suspect, wrong crime. Seth's not sure what to do, not sure who to blame, not even sure who he is. He doesn't know it yet, but he loves truth, and he knows how to find it. But, he needs help: help finding the truth . . . and himself. Enter Hugo Black, depressed private investigator. He's just a goof off with a questionable work history . . or is he? He knows the real world: the real world of crime, the real world of substance abuse. Enter also François Bernaut', chef to the University chancellor. He's just an over-expressive romantic. Really? He knows women; he knows justice. There's also ole man Mozz, law school coffee merchant extraordinaire. He's just a kindly, old-school black man. Think twice. He knows the law school, and he knows more about "knowing" than anyone there. Even with a little help, Seth is Seth. He's untested; so, he gets scared. He's naïve; so, he gets fooled. Will he get justice? Or, will he cut and run? Maybe he'll be himself, and start seeing what's real--and what's not. LAW SCHOOL is all about mystery, all about action, all about law school, and all about growing up fast. It's also all about how some things--and some people--just ain't what they seem.