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Monday Morning Atheist [noun] Definition:Someone who believes in God but who works like He does not exist. When was the last time you thought about God at work? For millions of us, work doesn't seem to have a purpose other than a paycheck. Some feel that work is a kind of suffering that must be endured. How did work become such an empty, lifeless trade-off?This is the reality of Monday Morning Atheism: the way many love God but approach work as if He doesn't exist?essentially switching God off.Regardless of how we feel about our work, all of us feel its irritations?there may be some "pebble in your shoe" as you walk into the office or arrive on the job site. It may be the long hours, the money, or the job description. It may be dashed dreams, the looming specter of unemployment, or the people that seem to stand in your way. It may be the irritating boss or the irksome employees or the time away from home. Sometimes it's the haunting question of whether your work has any worth at all. There is evidence of Monday Morning Atheism all around us.But whatever your situation, one thing is for certain: Today, right where you are, God wants to bring you hope. He can help you turn the lights back on?stopping the switch ---showing you a new reason for your work.The solution shows up in research, life stories, and in the Bible. And, you will find it in this innovative new book, created from eight years of research. Monday Morning Atheist will show you how to resist the lies that cause you to switch God OFF on the job and then help ordinary people like us experience God as we work. Imagine your workday with peace, power, and purpose. In other words, working God's way, not our way. You can be confident that you will find brighter work days ahead. You will find truths in this book that will help guide you to a new place at work, a place most of us never knew existed.