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Ficha técnica

8,91 €

When an aging cyclist suddenly dominates his sport, a grieving physician, an aging pharmacologist, a reluctant young cyclist, and an ostracized female paramedic uncover the world's first genetically altered athlete. An exacting doctor's teen-aged son dies from using bodybuilding steroids and his wife leaves him. Dr. Speak Singleton moves to Utah and volunteers as a doping control officer in the 2012 Olympics. So begins his precarious redemptive journey as he is forced to expose the world's first genetically altered super-human athlete. When it seemed his lackluster career was finished, aging cyclist, Luke Garver, wins the Tour De France and threatens to dominate the coming Olympics. His physician-coach, Dr. Simon Whitford, has injected him with an undetectable muscle DNA altering substance he hopes to market to all of us for its fountain of youth properties. He's morphed his record-shattering cyclist into a baby-boomer poster boy. At center stage the struggle between Singleton and Whitford is astonishing?with one willing to risk everything to protect young athletes, and the other allowing nothing to block his climb to riches and power. In his struggle to expose this dangerous performance enhancement technology, Singleton recruits a beautiful paramedic, a reluctant professional cyclist, and an aging pharmacologist. Morphed dissects their complex relationships and the forces that twist them. Morphed is concerned with much more than cheating in sports. On the surface the story is a medical-sports thriller, but its underlying theme concerns the innate human drive to perform at the highest level - even if it means altering our own DNA. We are all hooked on human performance enhancement technology (socially acceptable doping) to a varying degree. Our acquiescence to drugs or other artificial means boosting success is based on our own desire to prevail.