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Ficha técnica

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ABOUT THE BOOK It's easy to feel trapped and frustrated by the numerous debts that many of us face. It can cause some people to feel isolated, but it is important to remember that debt is a part of life we all have to deal with at some time or another. The key factor in dealing with debt problems is to simply face your debts head-on. Trying to hide from debts or put them off will only make things worse. Debts do not disappear if you pay them no attention. This guide will present various methods that can be used to reduce and pay off your debt. We'll discuss key elements of various debts, and shed insights and techniques on how to deal them. Leaving a debt unattended is similar to leaving an acute health problem unattended, only to find that one day it has gone from an acute to a chronic stage. Just as you would visit the doctor, and use the prescribed medication to bring the situation under control and eventually eliminate it, you will need to apply these techniques to your finance problem to help reduce and pay off your debt bills. EXCERPT FROM THE BOOK 2. Consider debt negotiation. In a debt negotiation your creditor will work with you to set up a new repayment plan that is be better suited to your present financial position. The process may involve a freezing of the interest rate or a reduction on the balance owed. In some cases, both measures are taken to arrive at a new repayment plan. Depending on the scale of your debt problem and your ability to meet your financial obligations, entering into a debt negotiation could be in your favor. Face the truth head on. Quickly identify if you will need help with your debts and take actions as soon as possible. Credit companies are particular about which debtors they engage in negotiation deals. Their aim is to make as much money as possible. Sometimes a good debtor seems to get punished.