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Ficha técnica

8,99 €

This book is a wild ride from Holy Sh*t to Happy to Be Here! You learn 5 fundamental principles that really work. It shows you how to stop swimming against the current and actually enjoy life. Fergusson's journey in SALMON TO SIDDHARTHA begins with a shocking betrayal. Then, after twenty years in his internationally recognized family business, he decides to sell, beginning a long journey of self-discovery. Who is he without an impressive business card? He does a deep dive into his own struggle of forgiveness and the search for inner peace, with a Master's degree in Spiritual Psychology ? and the pursuit of sailing, music, and a new life purpose. The Siddhartha Principles emerge as Fergusson embraces a seemingly impossible one-year project: taking up bass guitar in his fifties, recording an original song with his first band at London's Abbey Road Studios, playing a gig at the world-famous Cavern Club in Liverpool, and launching rock band Vanaka - recording the song "Happy to Be." Fergusson draws an analogy between his journey and that of the Buddha-like character Siddhartha, the seeker of enlightenment from the classic Hermann Hesse novel. By identifying with Siddhartha's mythological struggle and the real life challenges of the author, readers will be inspired to examine their own ways of being, emerging with a more courageous core and greater resilience in their everyday lives. The 5 Siddhartha Principles offer all readers a solid foundation for the creation of a life infused with more joy, clearer purpose, and a compassionate understanding of ourselves and others. Learn Fergusson's powerful strategies for self-management and the creation of an extraordinary life, The Siddhartha Principles: 1. ACCEPT: Meet yourself where you are, without judgment. 2. LEARN: Find the lesson in your present challenge. 3. CLARIFY: Create an Ideal Scene of your desired experience. 4. ACT: Take small steps every day to create your desired experience. 5. TRUST: Have faith that your life is unfolding perfectly.