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Ficha técnica

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This erotic collection contains six of Montana Mills' hot short stories:

"Steam" - In Yellowstone National Park, the geysers aren't the only things steaming when recently divorced Jill Whittier arrives. When she meets a ruggedly handsome ranger who not only shows her the wilds of the park, but also shows her just how wild two people can be when nature takes its course, she quickly learns that the Old Faithful geyser isn't the only thing in the park ready to erupt.

"Birthday Surprise" - It's Elizabeth's birthday, and she really doesn't feel like celebrating. But when husband Cal promises her a special surprise, her curiosity is aroused. He blindfolds her, and has her lie on their bed. She feels Cal's hands caressing her, and then another set of hands. Now it's not only her curiosity that's aroused! What else - or who else - does her husband have in store for her?

"Halloween Tail" - It's Halloween and the trick-or-treaters have gone home for the night. Beth, dressed in her sexy devil costume, is ready to take her husband Bruce up to bed for some devilish fun. They're interrupted, however, when Bruce's sister stops by for a visit. Frustrated, Beth takes a walk to a neighborhood park for some fresh air. She's surprised when Bruce shows up, still wearing his ghost costume. Or is it Bruce? This ghost won't talk, but his intentions are clear, much to the delight of a very horny Beth. Will she find out before or after their hot tryst in the park? Does the devilish side of Beth even care? Whomever it is, one lucky ghost is getting some Halloween Tail

"Need" - News reporter Mona Andrews discovers that her handsome cameraman Roger has a little side project going on that involves filming other news anchors at a replica of the Channel 5 Action News room. What the anchors do there not only shocks Mona, but also turns her on. And now she wants in.

"Naature Lover" - When Jane inherits a large tract of land in Wyoming from her elusive Uncle Cal, she?s ready to sell it right away to the highest bidder. But when she meets Enrique, the land?s caretaker, her lust is aroused. Enrique not only opens her eyes to the beauty of the land, but also awakens her innermost desires, introducing her to all that his primal nature has to offer.

"Manhandled" - One night, mob boss Giovanni - arguably the most powerful man in the tri-state area - decides to bring something new to his nearly lustless marriage. Or someone new. Actually - two someones; his hunky bodyguards. What happens next is a night that both Giovanni and his wife won't soon forget!

*** Warning *** All six stories contained in this collection are explicit in nature and are intended for ADULTS ONLY!

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