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Ficha técnica

8,99 €

This is the 30th Anniversary edition of the book that started the revolution in stress management and wellness. We live in an age of anxiety, a century of stress and an era of terrorism. Today, 95 million Americans suffer from stress. STRESS MANAGEMENT: A Comprehensive Guide to Wellness (Ballantine Books Trade Paperback and BookBaby eBook) helps identify the specific areas of stress in our lives ? familial, work-related, social, emotional ? and offers proven techniques for dealing with every one of them. The benchmark of stress management guides since its publication in 1982, these new editions of STRESS MANAGEMENT also feature updated information on how men and women differ in response to stress, statistics on disorders and drugs, the ways that terrorism and the information age impact stress, and the key benefits of spirituality, alternative medicine, exercise, and nutrition. Additionally, STRESS MANAGEMENT can help you to: Test your personal responses to daily stress ? and chart your progress in controlling it. Learn specific techniques for relaxation ? from "scanning" to "imagery training". Discover how to deal with life's critical moments without stress. Embark on a program to improve your physical health as a major step toward stress management. Discern which types of stress must be reduced and which kinds you can turn into positive motivation. With a wealth of practical advice everybody can use to immediately reduce the presence of stress in their life, STRESS MANAGEMENT is a valuable resource to help lead a productive, healthy, and happy life. From the Preface Over thirty years ago we wrote the first book to use the term "stress management" outside of structural engineering. The winds of change blustering through every area of life then, bit they are now approaching hurricane force. Such dramatic change is inherently stressful.