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Ficha técnica

2,67 €

Von Peterson an eccentric backyard inventor together with his half breed Pomo Indian son invents and develops a new type of airplane based on the flying characteristics of the dragon fly. Unbeknown to the Petersons the U.S. military has a top Secret program to also develop the Dragon Fly. When the government discovers the Peterson development they are accused of stealing the governments design. The military conducts a raid in which Mister Peterson is killed, two prototype Dragon Flys are confiscated and the Peterson home and business including an airplane hangar and several airplanes and helicopters are burned to the ground. Lance is twenty-five years old, very intelligent and although extremely handsome he was raised without a mother and is shy around women. His heritage and soul all demand justice. With a childhood friend, the beautiful Kathryn McCall, and several other loyal friends he develops a plan to steal back the planes from a top secret Government installation. The Dragon Fly is a thriller about the Governments unremitting search for the "terrorists" who stole their air planes and either bring the perpetrators to justice or kill them in the process. Set in Boonville, a fairly remote northern California town between Cloverdale and the Mendocino coast, the action covers a great deal of California from Edwards Air Force Base in the Mojave Desert near Los Angeles to Trinity Lake in the extreme northern part of the state. Utilizing native intelligence and the skills developed by spending years in the forest under the tutelage of his father and Pomo grandfather Lance leads the government on an exhausting chase unlike anything they have ever seen before through some of the most spectacular scenery in America. Lance not only has to outthink the best brains in the government but outwit and escape the most sophisticated spy and intelligence gathering equipment ever developed.