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Ficha técnica

24,97 €

Are you perceived as a leader? If you want to discover how social networks can help you quickly position yourself as a leader in your field, or if you still believe social media is too time consuming or even a waste of time, complicated, expensive and risky, then this book is for you. Social networks now reach over 82% of the world's online population (more than 1.2 billion people) and have forever changed the way we connect and build relationships, across all demographic groups. The Social Executive will revolutionize the way you think about social networking and reveal its business potential. By reading this short and practical guide, a one-time investment of about ninety minutes, you will discover how to use proven tools and tactics for building long-term business relationships on social networks and position yourself as a leader in your field. You will learn: [ How to get started the right way ] Get a head start by only focusing on the things that really work and matter, and get them right the first time. [ The business relevance of Social Media ] Still think social networks are not for business, complex, expensive or just for kids? You won't after reading the Social Executive. [ How to position yourself as a leader ] Don't leave things that matter to chance when you don't have to and position yourself the way you want to be perceived. [ How to grow an audience ] You don't need millions of followers, but business leaders recognize that One-to-Many beats One-to-a-Few, and "many" isn't as hard as you may think. [ How to say the right things ] Everyone communicates, but few connect. The book helps you craft a powerful Social Persona to consistently impact your audience. You'll learn exactly what to talk about, how to share it, and how to get people excited about what you have to say. [ How to gain market insights ] The Social Executive will teach you how to have the entire industry at your fingertips. Media? Competitors? Customers? You'll know it all.