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Ficha técnica

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Would you like to increase your real estate sales, take more listings and earn more money? If you do, then please read on... Dear Friend, I know there is a good chance that you are probably reading this book because you are looking to break through the limiting beliefs and fears that are holding you back from taking more listings and making more sales this year. Perhaps you are frustrated with the income you have made and are looking to earn more to provide an even greater lifestyle for yourself and your loved ones. No matter where you are at in your real estate business, like most of us, there may be some turbulence and chaos. I believe in you and want to give the secure hope that there is a way to get out of this anxiety and stress, and experience freedom and abundance in your life. If I can break through these mindset barriers during my selling career, so can you. Throughout this book, I will share with you the key strategies and methods that I have used to help me transform my mediocre business into a thriving financial success, and how it can also work for you. Although there are hundreds of books that teach you the "How-to" strategies, such as, How to Call a For Sale by Owner, How to Call Expired Listings, or How to Call Your Past Clients, this book is different. What makes this book different from the other books you may have read is that this book is geared towards breaking through the mindset barriers, which have been formed in your mind and have held you back from earning the money that you want to earn. Once you identify these limiting beliefs, throughout this book, you will see a clear pathway on how you can break through them to create the results you want in your real estate business. This book will teach you how to break through the eleven mindset barriers that hold most real estate agents back from substantial financial success. It will show you how to develop a powerful mindset, empowering you to increase your real estate business by confidently taking more listings and producing more sales. However, you must take action for any of this, in the book, to work. Once you do, your life will change. Allow me to be your personal tour guide throughout this book, and to help you navigate through those eleven mindset barriers. I will illustrate how each barrier stops you. Then I will demonstrate it, in action, followed by the specific action steps and solutions to break through the barrier to significantly increase your sales. In this book, I will show you the mindset secrets that helped me overcome the challenges and turmoil that held my real estate business back. Yes, you can increase your sales, take more listings, and earn a great income in real estate. All you have to do is read the chapters and follow my steps. Simple. I am excited about your journey and look forward to hearing how these strategies took your real estate business to the next level, and more importantly, giving you the confidence to create financial abundance and provide you with emotional freedom for yourself and loved ones. In the meantime, I encourage you to feel comfortable and reach out and share with me your successes and what this book has done for you. I can be reached at john@johntoublaris.com. I would love to hear from you. With much love & gratitude, John