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Ficha técnica

8,91 €

The people have spoken, we need to change the way the world does business. This new possibility of governments, business, global civil society coming together and co-creating something other than what we've co-created this far, which doesn't seem to be working has inspired a serial entrepreneur to write a book. Allan Holender's new book, Zentrepreneurism 3.0 reveals the valueless and destructive tendencies of contemporary business while remaining passionately and optimistically committed to the possibility of a better future. To paraphrase Charles Lewis, founder of the Centre for Public Integrity, author Allan Holender explains, "We have a situation where we don't trust our government or our capitalist system, and the level of distrust right now is probably unparalleled since the 1930's." Corporate scandals point to a model for business that can't continue along the same lines as it has. Accordingly, Zentrepreneurism is surfacing across a wide spectrum of successful, purposeful businesses. Many individuals have tried different things and are looking for meaning in their work: work that has integrity and purpose. Social entrepreneurs are exploding across North America and are looking to solve social problems on a larger scale, giving birth to zentrepreneurs who are aligning their personal values with their professional goals. Zentrepreneurism is about making a fundamental shift in the way North America does business, as well as a swing towards a new era of 'enlightened capitalism', where the chief "embezzlement" officer is replaced by the chief "enlightenment" officer. In this new era for business, Author, Allan Holender examines why Western businesses and business people are implementing Eastern philosophies in their search for more meaningful work. He shares the stories of a number of business people who are already doing this, and the impact their new found practices are having on their lives.